Mixing Drugs and Alcohol

I may be misinterpreting Kip, but he really did seem a bit better this weekend. His walk was less laboured, rather than the slow, head-bobbing hobble as he painfully hitches himself along.

Perhaps he’s just conning me. I mean, really, the horse gets a can of Guiness every night, along with painkillers (bute) and mucho treats from everyone at the barn. Someone even told me yesterday that they had been making him honey butties (sandwiches, for those of you back in the States). He has quite a racket going, and he’s going to miss all of the special treats. Not to mention that he’ll probably go through withdrawal when he comes off of all the alcohol and drugs. lol…I expect to look into a dark corner of his stall and see him with a leg tied off, shooting up. :)

Can’t you just see him doing community service? Talking at schools about how bad drugs and alcohol are?

The vet is coming by today, and will make a decision about doing the xrays. Crossed fingers.

1 thought on “Mixing Drugs and Alcohol”

  1. wandringsoul

    Honey butties??

    Spoilt bugger…

    But the shooting up makes sense…the puncture wound, the dopey expression and the pudding-like speed when leading him out of the pasture…

    It all fits…

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