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Everyone’s probably seen this, but I just found it linked from the Macromedia site: Low Morale. Very funny, worksafe, amazing. Watch the Radiohead video as well.


I love seeing kids in school uniforms. They look so clean and bright, like minaturised adults…they look like the adults you hope they would grow into. Yes, the boys striding along wearing striped ties and blazers will probably grow into the slack-jawed yoofs who break up the tedium of a long night of binge-drinking and vandalising cars with a spot of beating up the occasional pensioner, but still…right now they shine with promise. They are all beautiful.

Besides, I think uniforms are a great idea. I speak as one who had hand-me-down clothing for school occasionally, and had that fact pointed out to the entire schoolbus by the previous owner of said clothes. That’s an experience to remember, and NOT in a good way.


My boss is back tomorrow. It’s bound to be a tough day. :(

2 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Thoughts”

  1. Hand me downs and jumble sale clothes were a way of life in our house:) I can sympathise with the pointing out by previous wearer.
    I think school uniforms are great. Especially if they are strict. I love seeing the kids in straw boaters and blazers. They look so smart. The kids round here in that sort of uniform are all in private schools. I doubt they are the beating up pensioner sort. They are more Prince Harry lets get stoned and wee on the war memorial sort.
    Hope tomorrow goes well for you .

  2. “…Prince Harry lets get stoned and wee on the war memorial sort”

    *snicker* That really made me laugh.

    A few doors down from us, just recently, a 94-year-old woman was almost beaten to death, and they arrest three teens for attempted murder – so I suppose I’m currently disenchanted with kids. :(

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