miscellaneous thoughts

  • I’m in the mood for a good horror movie tonight. What is it about that genre? So many crap movies out there, and I really, really love good horror/suspense films.
  • Handling three steps on the Vashj fight is tough when you keep running out of mana.
  • I think I’m going to retire Ravven, my lock, for a while when the expansion hits. She’s retired right now, in the sense that I only do dailies on her, but I don’t think I’ll bother levelling her until I get bored. First Kit, and then the obligatory Death Knight. Then either my horde hunter or my Draenei priest.
  • My little belf hunter will be the first horde character I have to get high enough for a mount. :)
  • It’s hot here…summer has arrived, but only in our offices because the heating is still set to January levels.
  • I hate my hands. I’ve always hated my hands. They’re worker hands, with short nails, scars from playing with animals, and so on…I’ve never had those smooth, tan hands without a single line on them.
  • Miz is terminally depressed because Play.com isn’t going to ship GTA4 until Tuesday. *snicker*
  • I’m looking forward to Age of Conan, although I have never been a big fan of barbarian blood-n-guts books or movies. A change will be nice, though, and it does look pretty.
  • We always have very odd Guild Message of the Day(s). This morning it was something containing “Bugrit! Millenium hand an’ shrimps” which really confused me until I googled it and found out that it was a Terry Pratchett reference. Americans don’t really “get” Terry Pratchett. I don’t, anyway.
  • We’ve been watching a TV show called Eureka on DVD (cancelled now – it’s a shame). It’s quite entertaining, even though my parents don’t live far from the actual Eureka, and most of the residents have trouble putting two words together that don’t reference monster trucks, let alone discussing quantum physics.
  • The first season of Hex is also worth watching.
  • I need someone to explain hunter shot rotation macros to me, but I’m embarrassed to ask anyone that I know. :/ I’ve read about common macros, but I’m confused about the “spam this” instructions. If you have a macro that goes something like:

    /castsequence reset=2 Auto Shot, Steady Shot, Arcane Shot, Auto Shot, Steady Shot, Auto Shot, Steady Shot
    /cast [exists,target=pettarget] Kill Command

    If you spam it (press the button repeatedly), doesn’t that reset the sequence, clipping it short? I don’t understand. I’ve been timing my shots visually, and get 800+ dps, but lag affects my ability to do that and I’m sure it could be much better.

  • I’m bored. As you probably guessed. We’re still here at our desks, but with no one being paid, it’s tough to really attack the project with the same enthusiasm. No one likes working for free.
  • *sigh*

2 thoughts on “miscellaneous thoughts”

  1. Firstly… hunter macros – boo!

    Secondly… just saw you going offline right as I logged in – doh!

    Thirdly… if you haven’t already seen it, try to catch [rec], a Spanish horror movie in a similar vein to Blair Witch / Cloverfield, although it manages to be everything those films should have been and failed. Very scary, especially the end :)

  2. lol, sorry. Magtheridon was scheduled for last night, and I didn’t want to go since that meant that I would be raiding seven nights this week, so I logged on just to make sure they had enough people, and then logged off immediately so as to not suddenly be needed for something. :) I’ll be on tonight prior to SSC (letting Vashj kick our asses again tonight) – if you’re on, we can talk then.

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