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For all the photography buffs out there: image of dawn on my lane, taken with a crappy Sony Mavica digital camera from the tiny window on the top floor (computer room) while standing ballerina-style on one foot and holding the curtains out of the way with my other hand. ;)


Click here for the Elvish Name Generator – you know you want to.


From The Friday Rants at Wading in the Velvet Sea:

Speaking of cross-country pole-vaulting, Jennifer Garner is still very hot. While I won’t mention the actress in question, at one point this weekend I actually caught myself saying, out loud, “You know, I like her, because, like, I bet I’d have a shot with her. If she were drunk enough. And, you know, just sorta fell onto my lap.” My roommate gave me the “We’re just gonna gloss over this moment and move on like it never happened” look and life spun forward, as it’s wont to do.

Lost in all the random movie awards being doled out is the fact that Sean Austin has won roughly six awards for “Role That Made Many Guys Cringe Cuz They Thought He Was Gonna Totally Hook Up With Frodo At Least a Dozen Times”. I caught a quick peek of a 15-year old kid near the end of “Return of the King” who looked like he had just walked in on his folks having sex. Priceless.

It’s great that we donate food to third-world countries, but where’s the “Someone Get Cameron Diaz a Sandwich and Quickly” fund? There has to be one.


Valerie, a Domestic Android:

Important announcement: We are now accepting orders for up to 6 complete and operational Valerie androids for delivery at Christmas of 2004. Valerie is the most advanced android in the world having more degrees of freedom than any android shown up to now. She is also easily the most anthropomorphic android available. She will have a high degree of artificial intelligence due to our proprietary AI software – and a generalized interface to the internet (the only existing super-intelligence). Order now – before you get backlogged in a 3 year waiting list! Sale price is $59,000 and includes a 2 year warranty.


Experts called in to examine a rocks unearthed during a garden makeover were convinced they had found a unique Viking settlement. But they were left red-faced after months of excavation work found nothing more than an old garden patio.


From the Amazon Barbie and Ken as Arwen and Aragorn in The Lord of the Rings customer reviews: “For shame mattel. You’ve taken one of the greatest epics in history and made it into a brabie doll!! Don’t you even care that barbie stands for a materialistic snob and that Aragorn is no pampered "Ken"? Arwen may be a princess, but she is loyal to her man and Aragorn may be a king, but it is he unique qualities as a friend and ranger that make him so great. If I was ever given this set as a gift, I would personally burn it and dispose of the ashes. Lord of the Rings is no barbie doll matter. It is that of friendship, loyalty, strength, and honesty. For shame.”


And finally, a news story that sent:

Not sure whether this is funny or tragic…

Two 12-year-old girls have been “encouraged” to leave their school by the headteacher after they were caught charging boys money for a public kissing session in the school cafeteria. The schoolgirls, who have not been identified, apparently got the idea for the kiss after watching Britney Spears and Madonna kiss during last year’s MTV awards. The Canadian Grade 7 schoolgirls charged boys $2.10 to watch the lunch-hour lesbian-style show late last year.

The father of one of the girls said his daughter was basically expelled for her actions. “She was thrown out of school,” the unidentified man said. “She wasn’t allowed back to school. She was told she had to go to a different school.”

The man said the girl’s parents agreed to get counselling for their daughter, reports Toronto Star.

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