-Imagine if you will a grown woman (not quite as old as god, but she probably dated his younger brother), jumping into a feedroom banging a feed tub with a spoon and yelling “Go on, you bastard!” to a decidedly roly-poly squirrel who has been raiding grain again. Amused?

-Last night Lizzie was grazing in the sick paddock, and I led Kip by her and stopped to say hi. She screamed at him, reared, struck out with her front legs, and managed to catch her front legs through the fence. She dragged them out with minimal loss of skin, and Kip backed up to get away from her, his butt in the bushes on the side of the lane, with an expression of utter horror on his face. “Get me OUT of here – she’s a psycho!” lol…such a wuss. Although he’s right, Lizzie is a psycho.

-Phil had to get up last night in the middle of the night and spend an hour or so sitting up babysitting the giant rats as they ran around. Aja had been shaking the cage (4’x3′ steel dog cage!) requesting to be let out. Anansi was in hopping-mode, and kept banging his head on the underside of the dining table as he hopped.

-My youngest sister, who recently had a baby, has been treated for pain/numbness on the left side of her body…doctors said that it could have a slight chance of being MS. This weekend they visited my parents, and on the way home she started feeling extremely ill and was rushed to hospital; the numbness has spread to the other side of her body. Doctors are still not sure what it is, but have given her some kind of steriod injection, 1000mg where the normal dose is 80mg. Everyone is quite scared, and my mother and one of my other sisters has gone to stay with them to take care of the baby. :(

-I can’t stop coughing at night.

4 thoughts on “Misc”

  1. Oh no! I hope your sister is quickly diagnosed and recovers quickly. That’s scary stuff.


  2. I hope your sisters diagnosis is good. I can sympathise with Phil I was up at 4am with a naughty dog. The bit about the lady at your stables made me laugh. was she in tweed by any chance?

  3. wandringsoul

    I have to admit, you made me laugh out loud. The thought of M in tweed gives me the shudders! Pink’s bad enough! After years of ‘if it’s not black I’m not wearing it’ M now has a pink rugby shirt and pink baseball cap. It’s unsettling… *grin*

  4. For me, pink is warped. I usually only wear dark/neutral colours, mostly black, and I NEVER wear girly pastels, especially pink. That’s why Barbie Pink feels subversive. :)

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