Misc Mondayness

Things are marginally improved from last Friday. I had a quiet weekend: we finished the bathroom, and started on painting the master bedroom. I managed to fall off the bottom rung of the stepladder and spill paint again. *sigh* We went to see the second Tombraider movie (which has just come out here) – great eyecandy, poor believability, even poorer characterisation. I loved the first one; I thought it was great fun. This one had too much visual style, and no sense of humour. Angelina Jolie is always watchable, though. ;)

Dive Into Mark has an informative, even entertaining explanation of web development concepts – it’s definitely worth a read. “It is technically possible to have a perfectly valid XHTML Transitional document that uses tables for layout, FONT tags for styling, and spacer GIFs for pixel-perfect positioning…But it sucks, because table-based layouts and FONT tags and spacer GIFs are an ongoing nightmare, while CSS is only an up-front nightmare.” Amen.

I wish I was at Burning Man.

I also wish I was in the south of France, Greece, Ireland, or anywhere but at this desk, now, at this moment. Classes are starting this week, and all the teaching staff who were lazing around all summer finally got their updated schemes of work in. Word format, mainly, but some of them handwritten. As per my short rant on Friday. I am so bored, so NOT challenged.

Will I start sending out my resume again? Yes, probably. It would be nice to make money again. It would be nice to have something challenging to do. It would be nice to be appreciated, rather than being seen as the code Nazi.

Too bad I don’t speak French. :)

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  1. wandringsoul

    I can see you know – thigh-length black boots, black corset, streaks of bright red in your hair and a short horse-whip…



  2. Unfortunately it’s not so much fun. Your version I could handle. Mine is, unfortunately, not very much fun…it doesn’t lead to a lot of popularity among my co-workers. :(

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