Misc Catch-up

Well, I’ve been doing a few more raids with the guild, so that makes me happier. Here’s my BWL experience so far:

Dead, View of Nefarian’s ButtI’ve started a baby warrior that I really like (yes, I’m the Queen of Alts). I really, truly, abysmally suck as a tank, but she is fun. In part, I think, because I have no intention of ever wanting the responsibility of being a tank in a large instance. So, no pressure…no endgame for her, and I don’t care if she ever gets to 60. We can just have fun, running around and bashing things in our incompetent way. :)

I’d still like to find an all-girl guild for my alts. The raiding guild doesn’t welcome alts in raids to any great extent, so I would like to find a mid-level all-girl guild that could help each other level up. I love the idea of a really kickass girl guild, but I’ve never seen one that a) played seriously, or b) wanted to keep the guild free of boyfriends/husbands.

Any girls out there with some alts that just wanna have fun with the other girls? ;)

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