Cats fly when they sleep


My desk at lunchtime…

Half-finished pasta salad, Visual Studio on-screen, my iPod headphones which I just dunked into a glass of water, my fluffy pink pen which I bought because it amuses me to walk into meetings with a fluffy pink pen (bonus points if it also lights up).  Not shown: Wacom tablet, Introducing Maya 8, Introducing Character Animation with Blender, Creating the Art of the Game, sketchpad with sketches of furniture for future 3D models, lists of things to do, lists of things to discuss at meetings, scribbled notes, pictures of my daughter, poster of one of my digital paintings, PostIt notes, unplugged phone, dust, crisp crumbs that the cleaners don’t move since I left the big sign on my desk that said DO NOT TOUCH OR MOVE ANYTHING ON THIS DESK.


These are the places where I live.

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