Midsummer Gaming Ennui

I’ve been bored with everything lately, at least in terms of gaming. After giving up on chasing Guild Wars Hall of Monuments achievements as punishing and unfun, I’ve been at a loss for something to play. I miss my escape into virtual worlds!

I’ve been levelling a baby rogue in Warcraft, and I think she’s currently 28. It’s been a lot of fun, actually. I started her in the Undead starting area due to my longstanding desire to have an undead bone pony, and really enjoyed the questlines. Sylvanas is one of my favourite characters in WoW, and it was interesting to work alongside her for several levels of quests. Oh, the Dark Rangers…please please please let Dark Ranger be a class option someday. I have always longed to play one.

I’m still in The Secret World beta, of course, and can jump in and play whenever I want…but I don’t want to. Due to Funcom debiting my card early (for a pre-order, still quite miffed about that), I’ll probably give the game a shot when it launches. I’m just not excited enough to play through the beta, and then do it all over again.

There is a Guild Wars 2 open beta weekend coming up and although I will play, I admit to feeling a bit meh about it. ANet really needs to start communicating with people and announce a launch date, probably after this next beta weekend. Their marketing plan has peaked way early and now people are feeling a bit let down about the previous oversaturation of information and the current drought. Although this is a game that I am still very much looking forward to, I have to admit that they are kind of pissing me off.

So here I am, with nothing to do. Pah! The Secret World is coming out in July, so I will play then. The fall and early winter will be stuffed full of juicy MMO launch goodness, with GW2, Mists of Pandaria, and a very interesting Rift expansion. (Downloading Rift again right now, but won’t resub until closer to the expansion.)

As always, it’s feast or famine. And this summer? Nothing to eat but dust and tears.

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