Mice in Little Houses

I’ve had a rather enjoyable morning, actually. I’ve spent it reading children’s books about mice families, and working on artwork for a Flash storybook area on the site for a certain line of product. Not something that you get to do often if you work for an ecommerce site, so I’m having lots of fun. Now this is what I call a job! :)

Adventurous mice aside, I think we’re just trying to get through the week. I slept like the dead last night after the previous night’s insomnia. Lizzie isn’t lame, amazingly, so I feel better about that. Horse’s legs are so fragile, they’re composed of reeds and glass and other breakable things, and to have a TB survive having her hock and knee joints be hammered by another horse is amazing. The hock wrap won’t stay on, but the triangular flap of skin seems to be inclined to knit back together, so I’m happy about that. She’s fully in season, which may have led to the severity of the fight.

Not much else to say…I’m going to take a walk along the canal, try to not get murdered or mugged for my mobile, and then I’ll be back in the world of tiny mouse adventures. :)

2 thoughts on “Mice in Little Houses”

  1. dryadmeagenn

    If you need a cheap, protective hock wrap/cover, try a sock with the toe cut out. Not a tube sock, but one with the heel –the heel part goes over the hock. :) A little vet-wrap top and bottom to cover the edges and keep dirt out. Nylons can work as well to keep flies and most dirt off hard-to-wrap places on horses (ears, pasterns, etc.) And of course they’re washable and re-usable. They’re not for support, of course–just protection against bugs and dirt.

    I spent a couple decades working with horses and often had to get “creative” with stuff I could afford or had at home….

    Anyway, it’s something that has worked for me in the past–hope your mare heals up well.

  2. Thanks! I’ll try that. Especially since she evidently scraped it on the floor of the stall last night, and the flap has curled up and it’s all open now. :(

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