Mexican Food

Had a craving for good Mexican/Southwestern food, so decided to invite friends over for tea Friday night…and then realised that you can’t get any of the ingredients here!!! Aaaaggghhh…

Ah, well. We can still have fake Mexican food.

I worked in a good Southwestern restaurant once, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Gorgeous food. I’ve made tortillas and sopapillas by hand from masa. One of the best things that I have ever eaten in my life is carne adovada. Cooked slowly, with chiles and herbs, until the meat is saturated with the flavour and ready to fall apart. Gorgeous. *drool* In New Mexico, they say the state question is “red or green?” Referring to the chiles that go into preparing the dish.

Now I’m hungry. Really hungry.

I miss good Jewish delis, too. Nothing better than matzoh brei (spelling?) at Jerry’s Famous Deli on Sunday morning, served with sour cream. Or the food at Cantors, served by the surliest waitresses in the world. You know those paper towl commercials where they have the two stubbly guys pretending to be housewives? They would fit right in at Cantors. It was always a late-night hangout after the clubs closed. The waitresses were cranky at that time in the morning, and boy did they hate club kids. So much fun.

We won’t even talk about Thai food, or I think I shall start to cry. Tom Kah Kai. Mint chicken, very hot. Yum.

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  1. wandringsoul

    Personally, give me a good lamb joint, fresh mint sauce, peas straight from the pod lightly boiled in sugared water, and baby cheshire potatoes with a chunk of butter melting over them…and I’m quite happy!!

  2. and you know how much I love food. Can’t have you wasting away with ethnic-food-cravings over there. Hope these might help a bit…

    Wasn’t impressed with this site… but you could check it out, anyway.


    Will ship ingredients all over the world.

    How to make your own masa for tortillas

    UK site for Thai food, ingredients & recipes

    Kosher Foods

    Great Food Co. Products can be found on the shelves in all branches of Costco Wholesale, and over 60 branches of Sainsbury’s, Tesco’s and Waitrose; as well as in Selfridges.


  3. Thank you! That is so sweet. :) I’ll be better prepared next time. Phil and I were up SO late last night, cooking the pork and beef for four hours so that I could shred it. lol…I’m not like you, who can work a full day and then come home and whip up a gourmet meal for fourteen without breaking a sweat! ;)

  4. There is no way to cook pork and beef to shred in less than 4 hours, so I’d be doing the same thing you were :P. And I’d be just as tired.

    However, it is one of the rare things I find a crockpot useful for… put it in there when you go to bed and when you get up, let it cool, and just before you go to work, throw it in the fridge and shred when you get home. Does save a little time and gives you a chance to sleep, anyway.

    I hope your dinner party is all sorts of yummy fun.

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