Well, the day finally came: Raph Koster made his Areae announcement, and every blog I read now has covered Metaplace.  I had been betting all along that what they were working on was very, very similar to what we’re working on, and in part I am right.  I don’t think they’re doing proper 3D, the screenshots look more like a kind of top-down 2.5D, but the concept is the same.  User-created spaces that connect to each other like webpages do.  Being able to drop multiuser content easily into any page.

Meh.  That’s all I can say…meh.  Even though our areas will someday be much more effective (imho), we’re too small a team, with too few resources.  And so, in the eyes of the world, we will not be first, or best, and that disappoints me.

But I suppose a dream is still a good dream, even if you aren’t first.   And the concept is a very important one: giving users the tools to create, and share, and connect.  That in itself is one of the best dreams in the world.

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