Messy Desk

The week is over, thank goodness. What you see is my desk at work, mid-project, covered with scribbled wireframes, printed research (thanks, !), mockups and notes. Plus the remains of lunch, as I worked through lunch as I normally do.

Phil: “What did you have for lunch?”
Me: “A corned beef and branston sandwich and gorgeous grapes. It was so good I took a picture of it.”
Phil: “You sad bugger.”

lol…now it’s off to the stable to hopefully ride, and then possibly a trip to the Chatsworth Horse Trials, weather permitting.

No magpies yet…

1 thought on “Messy Desk”

  1. Your desk really does not look too bad, you should see the one Tim and I share at home it is a mess. From here I can see, 2 cookbooks, box of tissues, picture of a cat, 2 empty glasses, a few business cards, tv remote, various bits of paper with scribbles on, an unused cable, lego, cd’s a pen, post its and an envelope I keep scraps of paper with html stuff on. As for Tims work desk…. Have a great day, the weather is divine already.

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