Merry Damn Christmas

For our Christmas bonus this year, we all got £30 vouchers, to be spent at one of the company retail stores. An email went out afterwards, reminding us that the vouchers couldn’t be combined with any other discount. *sigh* So this afternoon I went to spend my bonus on a gift for Phil’s sister and brother-in-law, who we hadn’t bought for yet. I spent £22.75…and ended up with a £5 voucher in change because they couldn’t just give me cash back!

Ho ho frickin ho.


4 thoughts on “Merry Damn Christmas”

  1. There was something on the radio this morning about gifts in kind from employers (Today prog, about 8:50 or so) where there was a discussion about tax liability. It seems that once you go over £30 or thereabouts you have to pay tax on the ‘gift’ so it might be that they only gave you vouchers to that amount so you wouldn’t pay extra tax.

    I recall that when I worked for Capital radio we got a John Lewis voucher for Xmas, but also got taxed on it!

  2. wandringsoul

    Well babe – it’s better than my Christmas bonus – redundancy!!

    Ho Ho ahhhh…fuck it.

  3. mercury_realm

    Welcome to Christmas UK office style.

    Though at least you got a bonus in one form or another, I daresay that we’ll be lucky if we even get a company drink this year.

    Dickens would have made another career on this stuff.

  4. That completely sucks ass!

    Our yearly bonus isn’t given until January anyway, because it’s all based on company performance. But I have no complaints really, my boss took us out (my department) for a nice lunch on him, and gave us each a bottle of wine. I’m sure this was his present from him, he won’t claim any of it back from expenses.


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