I finally got the nerve to tell my trainer that I want to stop taking lessons for a while, since with Kip’s present problems (level of wilful non-compliance with things like cantering, etc.) it’s a waste of both her time and my money. She agreed. I’m relieved, but feel so blue…spring is here, everyone is starting to go to shows or cross-country rides or whatever, and I’m stuck on the sidelines again. Everything feels so pointless.

I want to start taking lessons, but unfortunately although we have a lot of good trainers in the area, you really need your own horse. The local riding schools teach at my-first-pony level, and the one good school with schoolmaster horses costs £40 per lesson (about $75). That’s way too rich for my skimpy pocketbook.

I’m going to ask Lindy if she’ll give me lunge lessons on one of her horses in the interim, as that will help my seat. But still…I feel as though everyone is riding off without me, and I am stuck practically horseless, saying “well, maybe when he’s five, maybe in another year, or two…” *sigh*

Depressed today.

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