Struggling with the blues and a general sense of meh-ness today. Terrible headache, too, which doesn’t help. I recently had an opportunity offered which would have put me back as an ecommerce manager for a very good brand and site…but the money was terrible for the position and it was located on the other end of the country. Financially I just couldn’t take it, especially with the need to maintian two residences since we can’t sell our house.¬† So I regretfully declined…but I am so blue today.

Sometimes it feels as though the world will never be on an even keel ever again. It feels as though this is how it is going to be – no jobs, stuck in a house that makes us geographical undesirables, with no money and no choices. I hope that that isn’t the case, and that this is just depression talking…but I just don’t see anything picking up for the next few years.

And right now that seems like a very, very long time.

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