I’ve been a bit meh lately about playing.  I’m still subbing for one of the Kara groups, and so don’t get to raid very often, and since everyone else in the guild is doing heroics, I’ve been trying to get enough rep runs to get my keys in pugs.  It’s been very depressing.  Plus, the hunters in the guild are a very odd group, and Kit is not allowed to join the guild as an alt.  Even though I’ve said that I was happy to bring her in on a non-raiding basis, they’re still threatened and so I’m shut out of the guild on the character that I spend the most time on.  Ravven isn’t specced for grinding or questing, plus I have a lot more fun playing Kit, so they never see me.  It’s been lonely.

I’m considering finding another guild for Kit, since I don’t really have a raid schedule with Ravven.  I would leave her in her present guild, since there are some very nice people in it, but mainly play and raid with Kit.  So, I’m looking.

Still trying to get Kit some better weapons, and so I’ve been trying to run Shadow Labs for her Sonic Spear…emphasis on “trying”.  The last one I tried to do, the tank left after accusing people of not talking to him and thinking that he was “not normal”.  This was before we even entered the instance.  What is up with my luck in pugs?  The only people that I get are weird, to say the least.

Work has been going well, and we’re in the planning stages for our 3D social/learning/gaming environment.  I’ll have to write a bit about that when I have more time…if we can do this, we’ll be the first site out there to have a seamless merge of social networking site and 3D environment, as in a proper mix of the two from flat 2D web to a mix to a full 3D MMO environment, depending on what you are doing, what computer you’re on, etc.  Very exciting.

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  1. I’ve been in that situation before… especially as I become more and more casual. And in my spare time, instead of playing, I’ve been developing a tool for WOW players.

    I’ve developed a website that pulls your character data and runs spell damage calculations. Currently, only the mage and warlock are represented, but more to come.

    Perhaps you have a mage or warlock and can play with the site a bit. ;D Enjoy!

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