Meh. Just…meh.

I feel really depressed today.  It’s one of those days where nothing specific has happened, no disaster, but you still feel dull, sad and grey.

Lots of guild drama this weekend over fractures in the guild caused by the 70/not 70 rift.  The inner-circle of level 70 people are raiding together, not telling anyone else, and then threatening to /gquit when everyone got upset.  Meh.

Kit is level 68, and Ravven 67.  I hate playing Ravven, as Kit’s a lot more fun (ez-mode or no, hunters are just fun, and have a lot more survivability in tough spots).  I’ve been levelling Ravven to keep my foothold in the guild…but really, what’s the point?  If the “inner circle” raiding now already has enough warlocks for the smaller instances, and I no longer have a place because I took longer to get to 70, then why the hell am I spending the time to level her?

*sigh* This has the distinct possibility to turn into an emo rant, so I’ll sign off now.  :(

4 thoughts on “Meh. Just…meh.”

  1. Come make a character on Feathermoon. We have a prebuilt group of four just looking for a nice low pressure fifth. :)

  2. Really? Half the people on our server are australian or new zealander. Are there really servers just for europeans that americans can’t play on?

  3. You need the US region software to play on US servers, and vice versa – it’s also an issue of the time difference, which makes it tough. Australians have it tough in terms of time zone, and I think quite a few of them play on US servers.

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