Meandering Through Cataclysm

Kitsune is 85, and has been for some time. The other characters are taking their time, and I’ve been very much enjoying the journey. I’ve been actually reading quest text, so as not to inadvertently miss the beginning of any of the storyline arcs, and I’ve been hopping from character to character to see different things.

Last night I played through a bit of the horde goblin area. What is it about giving you one damned quest at a time? Seriously, I’m a big girl (well, actually she’s quite a little girl carrying a big axe, but no matter) and I think I can concentrate on more than one quest at a time. Although if I was doing all of these back-and-forth quests in real life, I’d be working off this extra ass I seem to be carrying around presently, so I suppose that would be a bonus. Perhaps I need to set up one of those MMO treadmills…hmmnnn.

Actually, it’s hard to remember to read quest text each time. I need to force myself to read it properly. Time after time I’ve just clicked to accept the quest and raced off, only to get creamed by some elite that I should have used the magical seeds of shrinkage or whatever on before I went and pissed it off. Must. Read. Quest. Text.

I absolutely love what Blizzard has done with Cataclysm. Everyone seems to be really enjoying it, almost without exception, which is quite rare.

There is one thing I’ve been wondering about…we all know how much Activision/Blizzard made off the sparkle pony. I would dearly love to know how much they made after the Cataclysm launch on race changes to worgen or goblin. I don’t think any figures have been posted, but pretty much everyone I know has splashed out on a race change. I’m very, very curious.

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