Mea Culpa

It’s my fault…I confess it all. I was the one who was saying that it felt like spring, and of course today we have gale force winds and terrible rainstorms, chance of flooding in parts of England. It’s my fault, and I’m sorry.

I am still working my way through the product images, which are named in alphabetical order. I’m still in the “C”s. God, this is going to take forever, and I think I’m developing carpal tunnel. Fortunately a lot of them were saved at 300 px/inch, so I can crop and resize them without too much trouble. The ones they did remember to compress I have to do from the hi-rez CDs, which were done by the Mac guy. So, I have to try the different formats to open them in, sometimes TIFFs, sometimes different types of EPS files until I find one that I can open on my PC in Photoshop. *sigh* What a nightmare.

Mother’s Day this Sunday, and we’re having Phil’s parents over for dinner. (Mother’s Day, or Mothering Sunday, is on a different day here. Father’s Day is the same date.) So we have to clean the house – since I started this job there hasn’t been any extra energy to spend on housecleaning, so things have slipped. Normally I can’t bear it if the house is messy or dishes are unwashed – it feels as though life is slipping out of control. But right now I’m too tired to care.

Someday we have to clean the pigeon shit from the front of the house, as well. There is a nest of pigeons that are driving us mad…we’ll have to rent a ladder tall enough to reach three stories, and the little bastards keep having baby pigeons continually. You know the joke about never knowing where baby pigeons come from, because you never see them? Well, come to our house. They are raising babies all year round, without cease. I can’t believe they don’t seem to stop at all. When you unlock the front door, you can see the little heads peering over, looking at you. I am so tempted to get a slingshot and take a couple of the filthy little creatures out. Sorry, I’m an animal lover, but there are limits.

I’ve blathered on enough. Back to work. :)

7 thoughts on “Mea Culpa”

  1. you are forgiven ;-)

    btw. on the pigeons front, some yeras ago I bought one of these large kids’ water guns and use that at them. after a while it worked and they stopped being as much of a nuisance (also washed away the evidence!). As it is only a jet of water no evidence or injury either, bit like using a water cannon on people.

    on pictures, you can set up macros (actions) in Photoshop to automate part of the resizing process, there are also products with batch processing that would do most of the resizing too.

  2. Pigeons are rats with wings. Don’t let anyone tell you any differently.

    Beady eyed, they watch your every move; the advance scouts of some alien task force dedicated to covering the universe in a thin, lumpy white gruel. Pigeon shit looks random, but if you know how to read it, you can see the plans of conquest written out in code across the buildings of Britain.

    Don’t look pigeons in the eye – the reason that their eyes protrude so much is that it allows the little green men inside their heads a much better view, and they’ll zap you with their mind control lasers as soon as look at you.

    I’d lend you my tin foil hat, but I’m using it.

    Or at least, I want the pigeons to think that.

    Rats with wings, remember.


  3. wandringsoul

    Ahh – but there you see is the flaw in your own argument – we have rats as pets, and they’re very smart, and very ingenius…pigeons don’t have a fraction of their brainpower I swear!

  4. wandringsoul

    I mentioned that, but there are different areas in each photo to crop down to…i’ve used the actions in the past and they can save so much time!

  5. That’s not a flaw.

    The aliens inside the pigeons heads are just your normal run of the mill tiny invader from the Planet Arsrewrfdsre. Lets face it, their job is pretty simple. Fly around. Drop coded messages in the form of pigeon shit once targets have been decided. Zap with mind control lasers anyone who looks too closely.

    The aliens inside the rats heads are the special forces of the invasion force. You think that you have them as pets, but that’s because they got you with the mind control lasers. While you think you are asleep at night, your alien masters are abusing you, forcing you to weave paisley cloth and sew mailbags (very little mailbags, admittedly) for the forthcoming invasion.

    When the invasion occurs (which will be signalled by a bright puce light from the top of the nearest mobile phone mast (you didn’t think they were actually for mobile phones, did you?)) your “rats” will spearhead the assault upon humankind.

    Don’t say you weren’t warned.

  6. I couldn’t respond to these on Friday, but I did read them, which greatly amused me all afternoon. I kept snickering out loud to the great annoyance of the woman who sits near me. lol…

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