Mea Culpa

It’s my fault. I designed the site, in CSS, with a footer. It wasn’t working at the time I did the prototypes, but I figured that I could work it out. Silly me.

If anyone has had experience with getting CSS footer divs to play nicely at the bottom of the page, please let me know. Yes, I’ve bookmarked the AListApart article on this very subject. It doesn’t work. (No, I’m not going to try the javascript solution.) *sigh*

On researching solutions to this problem, I found out that a site no less impressive and resource-rich than Wired tried to make a solution to this problem work, and gave up in favour of a center-div footer. This does NOT bode well for little ‘ol me.

Sorry about my rant yesterday. Every time I watch the news it depresses me further. I’m very nervous about flying back home. That evil grinning monkey Bush pisses me off.

I grew up thinking that being an American was something to be proud of; this is at the core of what bothers me so. It had to do with honesty, and bravery, and doing your best against terrible odds (we all have immigrant ancestors who struggled). It does NOT have anything to do with being the biggest bully on the block. With doing whatever your twisted little monkey heart desires because no one will stand up to you.

We were supposed to be the good guys. If our leaders (and we have had bad presidents in the past, of course) did bad things in the world, they weren’t as blatant as they are now. The powers-that-be wanted at least some demonstrable difference between themselves and, say, Idi Amin or Saddam.

I just want everyone to wake up and say STOP, this is not what we were meant to be. This is not my country anymore, and this is not what we are.

I refuse to believe that we’re just more open about it now.

5 thoughts on “Mea Culpa”

  1. We’re working on it.. the problem is apathy is a greater weapon than any bomb or gun can ever be.. and its killing us all…

    People need to freaking vote…

  2. CSS-driven footers are *no* problem when you browse with something that is to the css spec (bottom: 0px; but MSIE is crap in this respect and, so far, the only way I’ve found that doesn’t make for very silly code is to not close the main div before jumping to the footer code, but to but the footer code inline before closing the main div.

    It looks the more or less same (except I use ‘fixed’ a lot, which even with the hacks MSIE won’t do) although not as ‘pretty’ in code terms, but it does at least work as a solution.

  3. Thanks – I’d seen the link on , but when you posted it I decided to actually do something about it. :)

  4. Thanks. In the end, I decided to remove that footer div. :( I tried bottom: 0px, MSIE ignored it. Most of our customer demographic would be older folk, and I would be astonished if it wasn’t 99.9% MSIE. I’ll try it again later, just because I hate to be beaten by this kind of thing. There’s no time to play with it now, tho.

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