Mea Culpa

If you raid with a hunter, you’ve probably had the opportunity to fuck up in a very dramatic and spectacular fashion (unless you were very lucky, or very good). Last night was my chance. Oh, sure, other classes can and do wipe groups, but rarely in such a glaringly obvious way as a hunter who has experienced the “wall bug” – one of the funniest memories of pre-TBC raiding involves Miz’s pet, rather than being put on “Stay”, going racing off by itself down a hallway to pull Firemaw in BWL. I’ll never forget our guild leader yelling “Where the FUCK is that pet going!!!” just prior to the wipe…so funny as long as it doesn’t happen to you.

Anyway, my time to shine was last night, on simple misdirection pulls in BT, on Gurtogg Bloodboil. On the first one, I had managed to body-pull him from the water area on the left; I hadn’t realised how wide his aggro range was. This threw me into a total panic since I was 1) still on trial, and 2) the person in the guild who has always made it his mission to make me miserable was in the raid. This is a rogue officer who was partially responsible for me leaving the guild in the first place – I just couldn’t take the constant whispers. I knew that he was going to start in, and I fell apart.

And on the next pull, I was so shaken that I totally didn’t realise that my misdirection macro wasn’t working – I hadn’t keybound it after messing around with my UI. I pulled him again, and fell apart. I did it manually after that, and it was fine – but I was in pieces.

Not a fun night at all, but a learning experience I suppose. When we are afraid of screwing up sometimes we manage to bring about the very thing that we dread.

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