May you live in interesting times

I was broken for a while, but I’m sticking myself back together. I’ve quit my job (eeeek!), started living a lot more healthily, stopped gaming as much as I was, and have started doing some artwork again. I’m looking at this whole period in my life as a do-over.

It’s possible that we might find ourselves living out of a cardboard box…in which case I hope that it has a nice view. :) But hopefully things will work out.

Aside from cutting my ties with any sort of financial stability, this is what I’ve been doing over the last few weeks:


I’ve read some really amazing books. I should start doing some book-blog or review posts, and share some of the ones which I really loved.


I’m still playing Rift, but veryvery casually. I don’t spend the amount of time that I did before playing, but I still enjoy it. I joined a very nice casual/social guild, who play together across a wide variety of games.


I’ve been slowly getting back into artwork again. I did a pair of handpainted chucks for a present for Phil, and have been doing some fantasy photomontage work. Next step is getting over my terror of blank white sketchbooks and start doing original work again.


Start small, and go on from there. :)

2 thoughts on “May you live in interesting times”

  1. Welcome back Fox Girl!

    Life is short. If you hate what you are doing with every cell of your body you should stop doing that, unless your life depends on it. On a side note, my friend, 40 years old, just this week migrated from California to Argentina to start on a blank page. People are allowed to be brave, but most forgot about it already and just wait for something to happen.

    No guts no glory.

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