Mass Effect 2 Subject Zero

I admire female warrior archetypes.

Strong female characters in games (books, TV and movies as well, to be honest) are something which has always interested me. Zoe in Firefly is the perfect example of a strong, but still feminine character. Samantha Carter, although undeniably intelligent, lacked something in the “warrior woman” area. Claudia Black’s character in Farscape was quite good, sexy while still being a warrior.

P was playing Mass Effect 2 today, and sent me the screenshot to the left. I quite like her – she has tons of attitude, awesome tats, and she looks as thought she would be fun to play. The video below shows off some of that attitude.

I suppse my dream of running with the bulls this summer in Spain ties in with the idea of being a warrior – after all, “bull-leaping” was (perhaps) a rite of passage for young female warrior-priests. If I can manage to go (looking more and more bleak with my mother so ill and the need to go home to the States to visit her while I still can) I plan on a crescent moon/bull’s horns tattoo done in Celtic knotwork to memorialise it.

Every woman needs a touch of warrior in her.

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