We did it…we’re married. I’m sure it feels just as unreal to Phil as it does to me. I haven’t been able to post because the DSL has already been turned off, so I’m posting on my lunch from work. A quick recap:

May 17th: The Stag Night
We went to Scandals with Eric and Janice, Shane and Karyn, and Shameron, and we had a blast. Eric and Shane arranged for Phil and I to be brought up onstage, sat back to back and handcuffed together, and then the girls were all over us. The pictures are priceless. I was wearing a black stretch velvet corset, and I remember thinking “If you girls take anything out while you’re doing that, you had BETTER put it back before I have to stand up in front of all these people!” They put about half a bucket of ice down Phil’s pants (literally his pants, in the English sense – they use pants to mean underwear!). It was all in good fun, and wasn’t too embarrassing.

May 19th: The Wedding Day
The wedding was wonderful, largely due to the efforts of my family. I have the best family in the world. :) The gazebo in the park was decorated, as were the tables (white cloths, purple streamers and bunches of lilacs, glass heart-shaped bowls with floating candles, silver candelabra). There was a gorgeous bouquet for me, and roses for the cake. Phil had stayed up late the night before making the cake, as we required an egg-free wedding cake, and was up the next morning at six a.m. to put it together and do the frosting. (The recipe is here, by the way.) I was more than a bit cold, as the weather was very windy and grey, and I was wearing a satin brocade corset, skirt from an antique wedding dress…and ruby slippers. :) Anyway, we made it through the ceremony fairly painlessly, although I flubbed my lines a bit, and then we were married. Steve and Ellie sang a beautiful version of Down on My Knees, and my father made a wonderful toast.

I’ll add to this later…I know it seems disjointed, but there is no time for anything.

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