Mainstream Coverage of WoW Plague

In my morning trolling through of news, tech and marketing sites, I was amused/bemused to see that the BBC was running “Deadly plague hits Warcraft world” as the lead article in their Technology section. I’ve been reading about this for ages, mainly through sites like Wonderland and Joi Ito. Seems very surreal to have this treated as mainstream news.

Kip’s new owner is picking him up tomorrow. I feel so sad and conflicted about this – I’m really, really going to miss him. Yesterday, as we were walking in from the pasture, he bumped his head against my back as he does (kind of a reassurance/look at me thing), and I stopped and stood with my arms around his neck. He’s my baby, and I know she’ll treat him well…but I’m going to miss him so much.

5 thoughts on “Mainstream Coverage of WoW Plague”

  1. Is he going far? or might you be able to visit him and/or see him in shows you could travel to?

  2. It’s about a two-hour drive, although I’ll be welcome to visit him. Actually, I was relieved that he was selling outside of this area…because I know that in a year, two years time, I’ll be kicking myself. It would suck to see him at local shows. ;)

  3. catwithclaws

    Would suck if he beat you at shows too!

    I look forward to seeing Drak at local shows… assuming this all goes well. I admit there’s great appeal in selling her locally because I WILL be able to see her — but emotionally she’s a different situation than Kip. I always knew she’d be sold.

    At least he’s close enough to visit should the need arise or you be in the area :) yay for Kip! regular butt-kicking in his future

  4. I was glad to read about the situation with Drakkara – that sounds perfect. :) I want her to keep in touch, and let me know how he is. I’ll have to decide later how I feel about seeing him; as I said, I am so torn up about this right now.

  5. plague in WoW? Hmm guess I haven’t played for a while. When I was playing Everquest2 there was a plague too. My toon kept turning all green and shivering, hehe, and infecting other players too. Sounded like a cool quest to find the cure (it cures the entire server) if I had the time to play more. oh well, heh. yeah, odd that it hit the mainstream news though, heh.

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