Magtheridon’s Lair

Ravven made her first venture into Magtheridon’s Lair last night. I had to plead a vet appointment for my horse to get off early enough, which makes me both sad and a liar. It was absolutely manic. I’d read up on tactics, of course, none of which actually included the information about where the goddamned entrance was. :/ Finally found it, and entered.

Trying to keep Curse of Tongues on two channelers is tough – I wish there was a way to keep both of their portraits up onscreen, to see which one is starting to cast. Remember, you’re banishing and fearing infernals at the same time. It was so disorganised and manic that I was fearing everything in sight, players, infernals, even Maggy himself at one point. (Usually never the one that was actually pounding my ass at the time, though, unfortunately.) I was supposed to stand in the centre of the room, as well, which meant that the only thing that I could actually see was Maggy’s hind end and tail – visibility was an issue, and since I cannot seem to get rid of my post-patch UI errors, tabbing was tough. So, a tough fight, and no we didn’t get him down. Oh, yes – I rejoined the guild on Ravven, obviously.

Kit is still unguilded, and after I can settle down to a steady schedule on Ravven, I can look around at finding a home for her. Work is extremely manic right now, so I’m pretty exhausted at night. I can put it off for a while.

3 thoughts on “Magtheridon’s Lair”

  1. “Oh, yes – I rejoined the guild on Ravven, obviously.”

    Damn, I was expecting something more than that! ;p

  2. At 6:30 am, with a massive headache? Not a chance. With the warlock class leader reading this? Not even a slim chance. :P

    j/k…I’d planned on writing more later.

  3. Oh, and best quote of the evening? After another wipe:

    Mage: Exactly how much life does Maggy have?

    Raidleader: 100%

    You could practically see the sarcasm dripping off the text, and I was laughing so hard.

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