Well, I think I’m fully packed, although I know I’ll get there and find that I have no underwear or only heels and no regular shoes or whatever.

I also don’t yet have a reservation for my flights from New York to Oregon and back. A friend here offered her frequent flier miles, which was wonderful, but we weren’t able to work out the times and dates with that airline. I think I’ll end up just getting up early in the morning, getting out to JFK or Newark or whatever and trying to get a standby flight. I hatehatehate everything being so disorganised.

I’m off. I need to finish and get some sleep, as we’re leaving early in the morning.

Wish me luck!

4 thoughts on “Madness….”

  1. BEST OF LUCK!!!
    *big hug* I hope among the stress and hectic rushes, you find some time to enjoy being back ‘home’. Have something REALLY NAUGHTY for me! :)

  2. while in oregon you will have to go to ground zero, for old times sake. wait, no, that would be like returning to a high school hang out.

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