Mad World: A Rough Guide to the End Times

Mad World A Rough Guide to the End Times by Ravven


Mad World is a project that I’ve wanted to work on for a long time. Using assets and world building from The Secret World by Funcom, it tells the story of a girl caught up in the ending of all things.

Kenzi and Cass are sisters who manage to remain close even though Kenzi has moved to London to study while Cass remains in their hometown in New England. Kenzi finds herself irrevocably changed in a way that makes her uniquely suited to combat the drama unfolding across the world, while Cass finds her own method of surviving. This is their story.

This project is an experiment, and issues are likely to be irregular. Hopefully they’ll start to come together a lot more as I go on and learn more about doing a graphic strip. :)


Episode 1: Something About The Bees

Episode 2: Remnants of a Dream

Episode 3: The Drowning Girl

Episode 4: A Knock At The Door

Episode 5: Echoes of History

This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but a whimper.

This was created from within The Secret World, and is a graphic fanfiction based on, set in, and using the assets of the amazing MMO that Funcom created. This is created purely from love of the world that they have made…and I would suggest trying the game for yourself. You’ll see that everything is, indeed, true.