Lyrissa Goes Exploring

Posing in Altdorf

Someone Important (Probably Dead)

Cool Statue

The Best Pub Ever

Lyrissa Decides to Explore

And lands in the middle of a bar fight

Altdorf Architecture


Lyrissa meets the Emperor

As you can see, I’m having an enormously good time with her. When she gets hit, she says “Oh, bugger!” in her English accent and it never fails to amuse me. She’s not the most effective character for scenarios and public quests, but she is fun, and questing is effective on her. I do miss the ability to heal, though – Ravven (DoK) can deal a LOT of damage and heal herself at the same time. But Lyrissa is still enjoyable, and she’s felt like a “person” from the beginning.

4 thoughts on “Lyrissa Goes Exploring”

  1. I’m levelling a Witch Hunter as well. Love it. I haven’t played any Destro classes yet, although I’ve made a dwarven engineer (named Elore) and a swordmaster, too. My Witch Hunter says “nadgers!” when he gets hit. Too funny.

  2. Hey Elore. :) I think my preference would be Destruction, since I think they have more of a cool factor. But I do love my girl.

  3. The only thing cool about Destro is the cries they make when I rain fiery judgement upon them… heh heh heh ;)

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