Lunge Lesson

Just a quick entry, because it’s 10:00 pm, I still need to let the rats out to play, and there is no light in the computer room (Phil stole the lightbulb for the kitchen – I mean, who needs light in the kitchen, for gods sakes?).

Work was ok. Decided to start tearing apart the bridal/gift registry section and totally redo it, so have been signing up for bridal registries all over to see how they do it. (Steal? I would never steal.)

After work I had a lunge lesson on Prince, which was very good. Lindy lunged him a bit before I got on, and he was bucking like a maniac at the canter. When she was lunging me and gave him the command to canter, his head went straight down and he started bouncing; I sat there with no stirrups or reins thinking oh, shit, but then he settled before turning me into an astronaut. :)

Well, off to let the giant rats play. We finally discovered why Aja was lethargic and scruffy-looking – she was refusing to drink from the water bottle. Pouched rats can drink very little water, some getting all of their water from fruit, so it is hard to tell if they’re drinking any water at all. We gave her water in a bowl, and she just sucked it down. Poor thing. She’s much brighter now. Anansi is the same, and doesn’t seem to drink much water at all. Strange.

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