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“Despite appearances, I am neither for nor against hunting. You would never, ever, find me clad in the finest Pink on the back of a manic, but desperately stupid, dangerous animal. I know about horses. They are thicker than cows and a whole evolutionary lifecycle behind pigs. Climbing onboard one is akin to driving the wrong way down the M5 after drinking a bottle of Buckfast and a gallon of Scrumpy.”

Agree or disagree with his views, Barry Beelzebub always makes me laugh.

5 thoughts on “Lunchtime Reading”

  1. You THOUGHT it. :P

    This was another funny rant about hunting:

    …Because that’s what this debate is all about. Class. If redundant Yorkshire miners were whiling away their dole-funded hours chasing foxes across t’moors on similarly redundant Blackpool donkeys while wearing threadbare blue boiler suits, no-one would give a toss. But sit a so-called toff wearing a pink jacket on board a £20,000 thoroughbred and the nasty, snidey side of NuLabour’s class envy comes to the fore.

    Why, they ask, should the rich have fun chasing and killing innocent animals? Err … hang on. Have you never heard of members of the formerly working classes pursuing rabbits with ferrets? And what about all those ginger kids on council estates who keep kestrels in the airing cupboard?

    What do those birds of prey eat? Weetabix and Pot Noodles?

  2. It did make me laugh and whilst I personally would not want to hunt, I don’t see why others should not go ahead and do it if that is what they like to do. I prefer to have a bit more control. I do slightly agree with the author that horses can be slightly skittish creatures:)

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