This weekend we visited Phil’s grandparents, as it was his grandmother’s 90th birthday. Phil was up early making steak pies to take over, and we’d put together a basket of gourmet goodies. It was very sweet; there was a stream of people bringing gifts and cards and paying their respects, and his grandfather made a little speech about how she was still the girl that he married seventy years ago, and he’s ready to do another seventy with her.


His grandparents are the cutest old people that you can imagine (although I would never, ever say that to them). If you show up unannounced, they are always immaculately dressed, him in a tie and his sweater vest over a shirt, her in a sweater set and skirt. He still drives, and they go out to lunch or shopping together in his ancient Morris Minor. He’s quite the ladies man and likes to kiss women on the lips in greeting. ;) I just adore them.

3 thoughts on “Lovely”

  1. cadavre__exquis

    Haha, how adorable. They sound wonderful. You and Phil are destined to be just as cute!

  2. heh wow, it sounds like one of those stereotypical commercials where you see the young couple walk past an old couple like that and then the young guy proposes with a diamond ring and then the marketing team sets in and bombards you with the “Diamonds are forever… So frickin’ buy our rings already!!” hehe.

    That was indeed a lovely description and it’s inspiring to know that such couples still do exist. Thanks for sharing :)..

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