Lovely Day

…which makes a nice change after the nasty weather yesterday. We went out on a different ride, along the main road which was a big mistake, as Nikki cames closer to getting killed than anyone I’ve ever seen. Thank god Kip is a sensible horse. Never again…it’s not worth it.

I bought Carl Hester’s new book, and quite liked it. He talked about one of his horses who reminded me a LOT of Kip: 17.2, easy to start but then extremely lazy and nappy after that. He said that when Hector was four, and he had to ride him by “kicking and shoving” around the ring, he though that this was a horse that just wasn’t much fun to ride. Exactly like Kip, although Kip hasn’t done anything really naughty for a while. He also described the feeling of riding a young horse with long baby legs scrambling every which way – again, just like Kip. Now, though, at eight, his horse is coming along very well at Medium and is much more forward.

I don’t think I want to wait another four years. :(

Yaay! Just won a pair of leather boots for shows in excellent condition on eBay for only £12! *bounce*

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