Lost is definitely how I feel this morning. After the long meeting yesterday, it was obvious that nothing is going to change or get better here. (For those of you who don’t know, I work as a web designer. I’m a good one. But this place has such a high level of laziness, inertia and apathy that I can’t do my job.) Why should the sites be accessible (despite the fact that legally we have to do it)? Why should we care about clean code, when we can use Frontpage and even Word to vomit pages up on the intranet? Why should we clean up the naming convention on the directories on the site, taking out all of the spaces and capitals? Why should we use CSS, when people want the freedom to use Comic Sans as the font on their pages, and do them with lime green backgrounds?

They are teaching web design courses using FrontPage for an editor (hand coding? what’s that?) and Microsoft Paint and Word for graphics. Jesus. I can’t take it anymore.

At least it’s Friday.

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