Lost Artwork

Damn. I’ve lost both episodes of Shadowland, my graphic strip that has lain undeveloped and unthought of for a couple of years. :( I had had a hard drive failure, and a lot of the stuff we tried to restore was corrupted. I thought that the Shadowland disk (two completed stories, and I don’t have the original artwork anymore) was ok, but evidently it’s not. Damn. I had been looking forward to finding the time to redo those as Flash strips, and continuing on with the series…it would give me an excuse to start drawing again. The disk is all scratched to hell and back, which could explain it. (I took all disks out of their jewel cases when I came here – even light plastic adds weight and bulk.)

Hell and damn. This matters because I haven’t drawn for so long. My artwork has gone in stages. I started as a fine artist, arcrylics and watercolours, then got involved in photography and stopped painting. The photography led to digital art, which I’ve done exclusively ever since. The graphic strip was a step back into traditional art, brought about by a love for James O’Barr’s The Crow strips. Gorgeous stuff. (His, not mine.)

I think the next metamorphosis will be into animation and short films. I’ve been envisioning an art gallery of art that moves, something like Brittle Bones. Flash animations of my digital art.

I also want to play with short film. I’ve had several ideas for shortshort web films, mainly dark fantasy, and I want to DO them. I was talking to Mark, my web assistant, today about film, because he’s interested. I told him that he might be able to borrow my digital video camera for a weekend, but ONLY if he swears that it’s not to do one of their Jackass-type stunts. lol… Anyway, that’s what’s exciting me at the moment.

But Shadowland…too bad, too bad. I need to go through all of my old backup disks and see if there’s an older incarnation of it there.

VO1: “Thought you were so smart, didn’t you? Well, who’s sitting there crying over unmade backups now?”
VO2: “But I did, I swear…”

2 thoughts on “Lost Artwork”

  1. Speaking of artwork.. I was looking at your digital stuff and thinking it would sell really well at sci-fi conventions and such I go to.. if you ever decide to go the next step and do some limited print runs for profit, let me know.. I know a few artists I can ask about costs and such..

  2. Well, thank you. :) I’ve thought about it, off and on; eventually I think I will. It would be nice to do something with the art stuff.

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