I’ve become quite addicted to Lost. (For everyone back home: we’re on the first series here.) But really – how COULD Sayid hook up with that nasty, shallow blonde? He just wouldn’t. He’s too gorgeous and intense for her. Hummph! Mr. Miyagi John Locke is the most interesting character on the show, in contrast to the flat cutout character of the doctor…but Sayid is definitely the prettiest.

Yeah, I’m just screwing around. So sue me. :P

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  1. He’s on a desert island, and ignoring the cast they’ve not bothered to introduce us to he has a choice of:

    The aggressive brunette who fancies the doctor and Sawyer – so a no hoper there.

    The pregnant Ozzie girl – who’s memory weirdness isn’t cured and fancies Charlie anyway…

    The Korean woman – who up til last night was a: married and b: didn’t ‘speak’ English…

    The ONLY ‘available’ woman is in that case – Shannon – the blonde with a decent body. So – she isn’t someone you’d want to spend your life with – but you’ve been on an island about 6 weeks… with only your right hand for company… and there’s a well-proportioned girl in a bikini lounging about all over the place. So what if she only wants you for your ability to nail up a tarpaulin, you’re both going to be getting something out of hte relationship!


    Personally, I’d take the brunette and the Korean… that would make for interesitng times…

    : )

  2. Hmmph. Men! I suppose you wouldn’t want to pair two strong characters together, they’d be overpowering, so you wouldn’t have him with the brunette. But still…ick.

  3. You can’t pair him with the brunette simply because she’s already caught up in the Doc and Sawyer saga… so Shannon’s the only choice… and hey – she’s got all the right bits in all the right places, so why not kill a little Crusoe time..!

  4. It’s funny – when I first came over here, I was of the opinion that US TV sucked, and British TV was so edgy and well-written and all…but most of the shows that Phil and I get hooked on now are from the States. Lost, Desperate Housewives, L Word, etc. There are obviously great British-made shows, but we only watch a few of them: Little Britain, Dr Who, and then the older shows.

  5. I really, really like it. I’m trying to stay away from spoilers dropped by people in the US who are on the second series – I almost stopped reading someone’s blog because she was like “I figured out what the numbers mean! It means….” Damn.

  6. catwithclaws

    yay! it’s definitely worth working to be spoiler free, although with the popularity of Lost I know it can be hard. It always disappoints me when I hear from friends in England or Australia who are getting the US shows, but typically a year behind — and then they tell me it doesn’t matter because they’ve already read all the fan sites and know everything that happens.


    I guess I miss the point of that, especially on a show like Lost where NOT knowing it 90% of the fun! :D

  7. Those are the people who read the last page of a book first, so they know what happens. :)

  8. lol…yeah, go ahead and tell me about what the numbers mean, and who’s disappeared, and who’s died! :P

  9. Shannon always seems pretty 2 dimensional as a character. The same look, the same attitude, ALL THE TIME! Ugh. but really I guess that’s what they are intending on making her look like. Because it contrasts the other characters. Sayid’s definitely pretty cool. I like Sawyer too, for some reason. I don’t like Walt’s father. He, too, is too plain. Too always-the-same-attitude.

    Locke is cool. He was one of the first people to encounter the strangeness of the island, wasn’t he? I like that special insight he has, that helps him deal with situations.

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