Loose Ends

Well, the week is finally over. I got a “new” computer, courtesy of Dr. P (who has one of the other evil ones from that shipment) and Tom (thank you!!!). Spent the afternoon reformatting and reinstalling everything. We’ll see if I can successfully capture video now.

I’ve been wandering a bit tonight…tired, but bored and restless as well. Phil (as usual) is playing online. Sometimes its very good between us, and sometimes it’s like living with a roommate. We intersect on the way to the kitchen or bathroom, sleep together, but rarely talk. Once or twice a week he’ll plan some “quality” time.

I just really don’t know where this is going…I’m bored, though. That’s all I know.

Saw the pictures of the road trip – looks like everyone is having a LOT of fun, although I want to know what the plastic shower cap that Matt is wearing is for. ;)

Bored, bored, bored. I can read a book in an afternoon. I need to get out and DO something.

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