Loooong Day

Today was an unfunny comedy-of-errors day. I ran late this morning trying to get Lizzie presentable, ran home to clean up and change, found that I had (of COURSE) started my period on a day when I had to wear white breeches, couldn’t find anything to tie my hair back and ended up doubling my braid up and tying it with an elastic strap from a black garter belt (sooo classy, dahling!), zipped back to the barn, loaded Lizzie and made it to the show with about ten minutes to warm up. Lizzie, feeling her mileage, needs double that much time to warm up and stop being so stiff. So, I fought her through the test and although not a complete disaster, it definitely wasn’t our most shining day. :(

Note to self: success lies in proper preparation.

A junior rider from our barn took her new-ish horse, who had only been hunted before; Pepper obviously thought that she was supposed to be galloping across country, because as soon as she was unloaded, she dumped her poor owner in the warmup arena, and then later carted her at speed back through the parking lot. They withdrew her from the class, and just hacked her around the showgrounds for a bit.

To top it all off, four (count ’em, FOUR) people asked me if Lizzie was in-foal. *sigh*

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