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Now that I’m back in my enjoying-Warcraft phase, I’m thinking about looking for a guild. I have no intention of going back to 25-man raiding – the thought fills me with absolute horror. I quite enjoy having free time off, an actual life that doesn’t involve raiding five nights a week with people who I consider to mostly be a bunch of irritating pricks. (Not all, of course – I’ve been very lucky in my guilds, to be honest. But there are always those people who I would never have chosen to spend so much time with were it not for raiding.)

I think a 10-man guild sounds like the perfect solution. People who are experienced raiders, of course…although I love friendly, social guilds, I would hate waiting for endless periods of time while people put children to bed or have dinner or whatever. I want to raid hardcore on a casual basis, if that makes any sense. Raiding with respect and responsibility to guildmates, but only three or four nights a week. Raiding with people who show up early, repaired and stocked with consumables. Not with idiots.

This may take some time.

2 thoughts on “Looking for Guild”

  1. Look for 10-man only guild. Not for “we do 10 mans, pushing for 25 mans” as them are usually sad pretenders, who run tens because they can’t do twenty fives.

    – You won’t have to raid as much, as there are won’t be “optional raids”
    – People who run exclusively 10 mans play for the game and challenge, accepting fact that they won’t get best gear. So, less purple junkies.

    – Things that are easy for average 25-geared raid, will be still hard for you due to gear difference. It slaps morale hard.
    – You won’t get best gear, high gearscore or bragging rights.

    Also in 10 man guild you are much more important in a fight. You will have to be on your game every time, but feeling that you are not carried is good:-)

    Good luck Fox-girl!

    PS. Of course I used to raid eclusively 10 mans, so I am bid biased, but I think its great niche in the WoW community.

  2. I don’t care so much about the gear (aside from wanting good enough gear to be able to pull my weight). I think the “pm gearscore” people are idiots. There was a time when that mattered, but you have to give up so much in order to earn it, and I’m just not willing to put in that kind of time anymore. I would love a small, friendly, smart funny group of people to run with, so a 10-man guild would be perfect.

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