Looking Back

In retrospect, it wasn’t entirely a bad year:

On the work front, I left a job that I hated last Christmas and in January found a new one as Project Manager for a social networking startup, which was both new and very promising.  There was an enormous amount of stress involved in the development of the site, which had a huge personal cost, but overall it was worth it.

Lizzie had an extended break due to my work pressure, which was veryvery expensive, but she’s still my heart and my love and my Queen of All Horses.

I did a lot of gaming, which verged on addiction, but as long as it only replaced the time I would otherwise have spent reading or watching TV, I figured that I was ok.  (Yes, that justification always feels much like a functional alcoholic saying that they’re just fine, thank you, since they only drink socially.)  In Warcraft, I got my second character to 60, did a lot of raiding, and made Knight-Lieutenant before they did away with honor ranks.

I didn’t travel anywhere.

We’re still very happy at home…as far as I can tell.  Really, how do you know?  I’m happy. Relationships always feel happy until one day you find out that your comfortable, snug cocoon is falling off the branch.  But I think we’re ok.

So, not a bad year, overall…and hopefully another good one to look forward to.  But this year I’m travelling!

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