Long Weekend

Another bank holiday weekend; I am luxuriating in the knowledge that I won’t have to be in on Monday. It was Phil’s birthday yesterday; I gave him the LOTR DVD, a set of gold-and-black samurai swords on a dragon stand, and a couple of other things. We had tea at his parents’ house, and we’ll go out to dinner tonight. Well, it wasn’t a trip to London, but I suppose we can always do that another time.

We went to the Brittania Stadium yesterday so that I could videotape John’s presentation (the reason I had to work on a vacation day, and the reason we’re not in London right now). We set up in a little bar area, so that we weren’t in anyone’s way. Phil was sitting on the floor behind the bar, with his head on his knees, bored to death. At one point I knelt down to see if he was ok, and he whispered “You know, we could make love.” lol…AWESOME. The thought of a secret shag three feet away from a bunch of suits made me smile all morning.

Found a trailer for what looks like an interesting movie: kind of a Crow/Matrix/Blade remix, but nicely done: Underworld. Not out until fall, though.

I’m off. I’m limiting my computer contact today. Although I will have to spend some time updating my resume and hitting the job sites.

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