Long Weekend, Tired

I think this is the last killer weekend we do on the house. No more for a while…we need to do something fun for once. We got the front room finished, nailed down miles of ethernet cable, built a run from the weasel house, and got tons of crap put away and straightened out. Missed Nathan and Deb’s BBQ on Saturday, as we were just finishing up, dogtired, and covered in black gloss paint when they were starting. Sorry, guys. :( I think I still have black gloss paint in my hair, and under my nails…that stuff is NOT easy to get off.

Phil made lovely pork and new potatoes cooked in herbs tonight – I don’t know how he does it. After a day like today, I could eat bread and butter, or nothing, rather than cook.

Well, along the lines of doing something more interesting with this blog, I had a thought…check out the next entry.

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