Long Weekend

Yes, I spent a lot of the four-day Easter weekend playing…but of course.  :D

Did a few instances, did some levelling on my priest, but otherwise everything was a bit quiet.  Getting people to help with the more intense quests in Shadowmoon is sometimes interesting.  On the Ruul stage of the Cipher of Damnation questline, Miz and I grouped with a dwarf hunter who needed it too, making it a three-hunter group.  We tried it once, getting killed in fairly short order, and then decided that we needed a tank.  A druid ran by, and the dwarf hunter ran after him, yelling “Hey!”  We were laughing and saying “Help, I’m being chased by a dwarf!”

The druid finally stopped, and the hunter asked if he would help us with an elite quest.

“Ruul?  No fucking danger!”

lol…I was laughing so hard; I thought that was the funniest thing that I had seen in ages.  But he finally relented, and offered to show the noobs how to do it, and we were successful (although the dwarf died several times).

The secret is that you try to hold the questgiver NPC in place (kill all rockflayers in the area, so he doesn’t run off, and try to keep talking to him).  Wait til Ruul appears, prior to starting the walk to the fortress, and then pull him over to the NPC, who will help fight.  Tank him well, and DPS like crazy.

And that was my weekend.  I’m hoping for regular Kara runs starting this week.  *sigh*

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