Long, Lazy Weekend

…which are definitely the best kind.  :)  I spent my time:

1. Eating lamb. Before I moved to the UK, I never realised how good lamb was. As much as I love spring here, with everything so green, the lanes lined with daffodils for miles, and all the fields filled with fluffy new lambs…I simply cannot look at a lamb without thinking “mmn, that’s a fat juicy lamb”.  I never look at chickens and think “mmn, that bird looks like good eatin”. It’s only lambs.  :)

vanyel22. Finding a happy medium home in EVE, close enough to Evati to be only a few jumps away in case of action, and in high-enough security space so that I can do some moneymaking without losing a ship. It’s tough to find the right place, with agents who are willing to talk to me, reprocessing plants, etc. I must have flown around for ages, and that was even with the help of EVE Agent Finder.

3. Playing too much Runes of Magic. I created a mage named Vanyel, who looks very much like the character from Mercedes Lackey’s trilogy. I don’t like her much as a person, but Vanyel I have loved more than I’ve cared for most of the real people in my life. It’s sad to have been in love with a fictional character for most of your life. And yes, he was a whiny adolescent for much of the first book, but so was I when I first read it.  :)

Anyway, I now have a very pretty boy with long black hair who is quite foppish in the way that he dresses. He’s my own personal Vanyel. :)  I took Rogue as a secondary class, which should make for a pretty effective DPS character.

Oops, it’s time to go laze around a bit more…duty calls. Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend.

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