Long Day

Another late day at work, as I had to carpool with Phil because my car wouldn’t start. It’s been more and more reluctant to start, and this morning (which was extremely cold) it just refused. We’ll have to work on it this weekend. Ah, well – the joys of owning old cars. :(

Not much else is happening. I think I found a source for my herbal supplement online (containing ma huang). If they’re legit, then I’ll be on the way to getting my life back, and if they’re not, I suppose I’m just out £35. Ma huang not only makes it easier to lose weight, but it feels woooonderful…you have boundless energy, and a mild feeling of euphoria. It’s not approved for sale in this country because it can have adverse affects on people who are very sensitive to stimulants. There have been deaths on it, mainly attributable to the idiots who take a quadrupled dose in something called “Herbal Ecstasy.” Idiots. If you’re too sad to know how to find the real thing, when it’s practically dripping from people’s pores at raves, then you deserve whatever you get. Sorry, off on a tangent. Anyway, I’m hoping…no more exhaustion, no more bad moods because I’m so tired or because I feel ugly…I’ll have my life back.

I am VERY much looking forward to it.

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