Long Damn Day

I’ve been trying to figure out a lot of things for the site redesign today, without much success. I’ve always been sensitive to/easily distracted by noise, and find it extremely hard to work in this environment at times. We all work side-by-side, like sardines, no cubby walls to even attempt to cut the noise a bit, and it’s terribly difficult. You can hear every conversation, every crunched apple, every potato chip. I can always feel myself getting more and more tense throughout the day, if I’m doing anything that requires a certain level of concentration.

Req is being very brave (naive?) today, and is presently in Management’s lair asking for a reconsideration of the non-pay-review. (“Please, Sir, can I have some more money?”) lol…

I don’t think anything will come of it, as it’s been made very clear how replaceable and under-appreciated we all are. But I admire Req for having the guts to do it. I just worry about what he, and many of us, will do afterwards? If there’s no hope, then there is no point in beating our heads against a wall.

I’m very tired of being so desperately broke.

Good Luck, Req.

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