lol…from Barry Beelzebub

I suppose that you, like me, have spent the last week being nice to Muslims.

It must be a bit unsettling for the poor buggers – dozens of middle-class white people grinning inanely at them instead of completely ignoring them as usual.

But you do feel the need to make some effort, if only to mentally project the message that “It’s OK, we understand that you’re not all fanatical suicide bombers … although actually that bloke over there does look a bit iffy”.

Link here for the rest.

Phil and I have been having conversations about me going to London tomorrow. Yes, I am a bit nervous, of course. But you have to go, don’t you? Are you going to write crap about not allowing terrorists to change our way of life, blahblahblah, and then stop travelling? Hey, I want to go to Egypt. I’d go tomorrow if I could afford it. I’d probably get a hell of a deal right now.

But I am, perhaps, the teeniest bit afraid.


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