• dyfferent

    Is it gas?

    (sorry, i have a friend who, if you say you’re not feeling well, always asks if it’s gas)

  • wandringsoul

    I think if that’s gas we should hook her up to some kind of fuel-cell production equipment, she could alleviate some of the world energy crisis…

  • uathsaille

    My grandmother used to say things like that, eliciting immediate avoidance techniques (“eeeuuuuuuw!”). Her other favourite was “Try going to the bathroom – that will make your stomach feel better.” (“EEEUUUUWWW!!!!”)

  • uathsaille

    Yeah, I have an inner six year old, too, that pipes up every now and then and says “That would be SO COOL!” And then my adult side takes over and says what a financial disaster it would be.

  • wandringsoul

    Oddly that was my dads solution too… though he was usually a little less restrained in his wording…

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