Lizzie arrived yesterday, and has been settling in quite well. They arrived in the most massive lorry I’ve ever seen – we had to park in the parking lot at the school and walk her in, since there was no way it was getting down the drive to the farm. Six horse, large living area, drool. :)

I took a chance and turned her out in the “sick paddock” (small paddock for horses on limited grazing, or for those just coming off box rest), and she’s been galloping and galloping. For a horse that’s so fat she looks as though she’s in-foal, I don’t know where she gets all that energy. She’s quiet to tie and in the stall, although she can be very prance-y and bolshy to lead, as they warned me. I may start walking her with Kip’s stud chain. I was going to ride today in the indoor, but it’s the day of the monthly shoot on the farm, and I think it may be better to wait. Kip’s saddle actually fits her shoulder, although the wider tree makes it a bit low over the wither – I may start riding her in the extra-wide, and then go down to a wide once she loses a bit of the fat and grass belly.

Everyone’s quite impressed by her, and I think a bit jealous – I seem to have exceeded my allowable share of good fortune by having two very nice horses. ;)

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